EIP I: European innovation partnerships: agricultural-meteorological optimisation of crop protection measures 2015-2018

This project aims at creating an aid in order to optimise the use of crop protection chemicals according to time of day, temperature and humidity through a set of trials over three consecutive years, in cooperation with the German Weather forecast service, dept. agricultural meteorology Leipzig and RRS Landwirtschaftsbetrieb GbR Riemsdorf.

Please notice the 1st of March 2018 for our next meeting

EIP II: Quality grains Saxony 2020 (2017-2020)

A project with trials to reduce the input of fertilisers and pesticides in production of high quality grains (wheat, spelt, durum and emmer). We organice trials in 4 regions in Saxony in cooperation with Dresdener Mühle and farmers of the region.

Special initiatives of Saxony

production of high quality wheat in ‘Lommatzscher Pflege/Meissner Land’, focusing on the correlation of maize production, reduction of erosion and EU water framework directive, quality assurance and reduced use of chemical pesticides

Agency for environment, agriculture and geology Saxony(LfULG)

pest and diseases in intensively treated crop rotations 2006 - 2009

IGE (interest group of saxon agricultural producers)

quality assurance of wheat production 2004 - 2008

Special-order contract with the 'Task force for production management Meissen - Lommatzsch corp’

crop variety trials winter wheat annually since 2003; crop variety trials grain maize annually since 2012

Special-order contract with Saxony

pest observation in organic farming 2004 - 2006